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Friday, October 1, 2010



Based on past spiritual experiences, it might be that Now you do hear the voices of someone(s) you know somewhere, or a quite strange voices, as often as you might never want to, contradicting your mood, and the situation of things happening to you at that time. The voice might be the type you are fortunate to welcome (rightly leading, and persuasive) for the fact that they remained of friend or might be condemning (for the fact that they appraised your downfall or frequent mistakes) even probing.
Victual trances is a constant spiritual occurrences that some people experience. And for their fatigue interpretations and meanings, they might have been mistakenly referring to these spiritual sequences as the kind of Spiritual difficulties they are facing.

* Now how do we go off from these spiritual ties?

• Does God allow some people of higher spiritual access and claims afflict others because they worth little of this decent spiritual access?
• Does God know at each time when those spirits or medium come in to work against our peace?
• Is it that after ones decision to live Godly that there are still some realms in the spirits that should over rule our lives and our affairs?
Now in all these tumor and disorderliness of minds,

• Where does God stand
• Wherein the man being afflicted by this spiritual allusion does cause some self damages by which we can blame him for all these invasions.
• Where is the enemy and from whence come their fortifications?
• Where should we look up to that our salvation and deliverance would come from?
I have heard many times from different people of deferent tribe and tongues in support of my personal experiences about this spiritual side effects that used to break in into ones life unknowingly, that they used to hear so terrible voices from when they sleep and while engaging in their daily activities, some said that the voice used to be strange and some confirmed that the voices they used to hear without seeing the person that would be saying it used to be friendly, even some confirmed that they often hear the voices of those ones they know from the past somewhere.
What about the strange object we used to see. This happens when you close your eyes appearing like dreams or trances and at times it appears even when we open our eyes conscious in the day light. The most common usual lost about these spiritual occurrences is that it happens at time that when we have this trances or dreams, we wake up to forget those things we saw in the dream; or what the voice said. But we would wake up to remember that we either heard someone talking to us, or that we saw some thing strange in the dream while asleep. I remember that then in the past I used to feel this strange bad burden oppressing me as if to press me to death from the dream, struggling to wake up and to get up, but it was then in the past. And so astonishing, many people said that they used to have this same spiritual problem. Additionally, some people said that they won’t be able to open their eyes when this spirits came in working their horrible evils.

Parlin Smith.

The stream of this earthly host is not too long sourced. The origin of all these tumors and lies of hell germinated from the incident that took place in heaven. When Satan rebelled against the counsel of the mystery light before whom he stood. Satan Used to praise God Devine via this awesome Light and did hear often the voices of the MOST HIGH GOD and Satan thought a rebelliously in his heart for he had taking this amazing Light to be the God himself since this light used to change in color and it was full of wonders and all sorts of devises. Devil never knew that it was one among the wonderful works of God that Spoke out the Mind of GOD. The light was never the Most High GOD.
And for the simple fact that the light remained almost stationed, he conspired to lift himself above this light. The throne of Satan used to be under this great light who activate and exposed the Consciousness, Beauty, Strength, Smartness, Corniness, and the Glittering existence of Satan. But Satan never knew that he was a dead angel in the absence of the Light that stood for God. He never knew that God he intended to fight was not the Light. The Light was merely one of the experiments that God was engaging with then in heaven toward his dream to invent the earth. Now Satan wanted to rule above God. But God was not the light he was lifting himself against. Satan never sighted God Devine. Comparing the class of the Angels that Satan belonged; Satan was the second to the least of the Angel when scaling their statures. There were Legions Michaels, Legions of Gabriels, Legion of Elders, Males, and Females. And after the shadow of Heaven, God fashioned his work of the Fourth DAY on EARTH, Meaning, the numbers of the creatures that could be counted among those who existed on this earth are the numbers of angels that existed in Heaven as angels ministering for God Devine. Only that they are magnified in heaven. The Real angel that had the image of a Mosquito might be as big as fifty Elephants when matching them together. And the world (the earth) remained a mystery no man could fathom.
Answering the above questions, I would like to refer to the chronicle of Daniel in the Scriptures; Daniel was used to help a pageant King out of his horrible night dreams. And by the dream interpretation of Daniel, the future of the King that was ruling and the stability of that country’s governance were made rectified.
The account of Daniel and the reports of those who lived above these satanic oppressions stated enough of clarity source from where we too could gain the peace we desire to live above the pains and the tortures of Satan and the rest of the fallen demons.
Though, there had been many sources to cure this spiritual plagues from the days of primitive Egyptians and the Asians, Grecians, but at the apex of the achievement that the gods that they wise and the scholars of those ancient days should fetch for these who worshipped them, it became their norms that they must fail. And the failure of these Gods like in the Case of Daniel who at the time of the dilemma of Cyrus was in the prison, and the failure of these gods dragged those who once patronizing them to prospect for better option. By the Spirit of Most High God, Daniel prevailed as the most reliable Dream interpreter in the whole world of then.

If God did not send JESUS and his HOLY SPIRIT into our world of today, we would still be toiling in the desert of the gods and idols. And now that the Force of God kept increasing, that we are having the Bibles’ scholars and better knowledge of God and his Words, Our hope strongly relied on that only Name of JESUS CHRIST.
So, Since it had worked for me in the past, that I was healed from my bad dreams and night oppressions, I confidently prescribe that a sufferer of such spiritual symptoms should clean up his or her spiritual live to welcome the spirit of God to begin ruling his live. Do not go about cleaning your dirt with dirt. It won’t work. The only cleanness around the world today remains the facts sourced out from the scriptures ( Bible). There is no other healer except the Medical doctors that would confess boldly that he is not worshipping Satan in his closet. Demon would never cast out Demons. Only God could give us the peace we want.

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